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A Community of Faith-Inspired Products & Businesses

Coming Soon

We are super excited to be launching Crazy for Jesus! (         A place for e-commerce within the Christian community. Buying from Christians, and sowing into the Kingdom of God.


Founded by Natalie Duffy, we are launching a community for Christian businesses to showcase their talents, where we can sow seeds into each others families, buying products and services from brothers and sisters in the Lord.


Please may you help us bring God’s vision to life by giving to this wonderful cause. We have been donated the domain, and the journey begins right here!


This is going to be a hub for all Christians and we cannot wait to see where God takes this amazing initiative!

Register your business here and join our waiting list to receive updates about how you can become a part of

We really need your help to launch this exciting new platform.

If you would like to support us, visit our GoFundMe page.

We really appreciate every donation.


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